Autism Edmonton enhances the lives of people on the autism spectrum, through knowledge, services and inclusive opportunities.


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December 1 - Wine Survivor Update - Day 1

Thank you to everyone who supported Autism Edmonton by purchasing Wine Survivor tickets! Together, we raised $10,700, which is twice the amount we generated last year. This success is only possible because of generous and caring people like you - thank you again for stepping up!

Today, we are initiating a total of 12 draws, with the final one scheduled for December 16! This one deserve a splash so it'll be done live on Facebook - please follow our page to find out more about the services funded with the help of your support. 
Besides the grand prize of 100 bottles of wine for the ultimate winning team of 5, we have more prizes along the way. It's never fun being the first one out, so the first team out gets 15 bottles of wine. As they say, “In victory, you deserve Champagne; in defeat, you need it.”
So, we are excited to start the game! Please click on the button below to see the list of the first 50 names pulled (if you got a ticket with immunity - that was smart - if your name is picked, you won't get eliminated from the game; however, if you use the immunity and your name is pulled again - you get eliminated).
As long as any of your team members stay on, you can still win the game as a team. Best of luck, everyone! Thanks again for the support!