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Occasio Online Intake Form

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The Occasio program relies on a general intake process, so that we can get to know you (and your family, if applicable) and help you find the most appropriate activities through Occasio and Autism Edmonton.
A separate intake form will need to be filled out for each individual who intends to use the program. Minors will require a parent or guardian to submit their intake form. Additional participants may be added afterwards from within your Occasio account.
If you have any questions about how to fill out or submit this form, please email the Occasio Coordinator at or call 780-446-1979.
  1. This form begins the intake process for the Account Administrator and one* Occasio Participant. This might be a parent (Account Administrator) and their child (Participant), or it may be an adult individual accessing the service (both Account Administrator and Participant). *Each participant must submit a separate intake form. Additional participants may be entered after your Occasio account has been activated.
  2. Your Occasio account will not be activated until your intake form has been reviewed and approved by the Occasio Coordinator. This may take either 3 business days, or until all FSCD billing paperwork has been finalized through the Coordinator.
  3. For each intake form submitted, a unique user profile will be generated using the Occasio Participant's first and last names. This will allow you to manage personal information within your account, provide helpful notes for Occasio's Social Architects, and conveniently register for activities through the Occasio Respite Calendar.
  4. You will be notified of your intake status by email once it has been reviewed by our Coordinator.
  5. Once your intake form has been reviewed and your Occasio account approved, the Coordinator will enable registration functionality for your online account, so that you can start signing up for your favorite Occasio activities!