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Autism and Exercise: Raising Healthy Minds and Bodies

Autism and Sport workshop
We all know that exercise is highly beneficial for the well-being of everyone, regardless of age and ability. But engaging children and youth on the autism spectrum in fitness can often be challenging because of reasons such as difficulty in navigating social situations, adapting to new environments, managing sensory overload, etc.
At the same time, people living with autism may benefit more than others from regular exercise as it can improve their attention span, help develop their social skills and strengthen their self-esteem. So, how can we ensure that children and youth with autism have opportunities to benefit from fitness?
On November 25, join Autism and Exercise: Raising Healthy Minds and Bodies workshop which includes a 60-minutes presentation exploring the following topics:
  • physical activity needs of children and youth with autism
  • barriers in fitness specific to autism
  • approaches to managing barriers to set up a physically active life for people with autism
  • long-term outcomes of exercising for children and youth on the spectrum
The presentation will be followed by a live demo fitness class.
  • When: Saturday, Nov 25, 2017; 2 p.m. - 4 p.m.
  • Where: NO MORE EXCUSES fitness studio (8111 43 St NW, Edmonton)
  • Cost: Free (open to all members)
For more information, please email us at or call 780-453-3971 ext. 232.
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