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Autism Aviators

Are you looking for tips for air travel with people on the spectrum?

Please click on the images below to check out the materials developed for the Autism Aviators program in collaboration with EIA and Flair Airlines. These materials cover what to expect when travelling by air – pre-flight, in-flight, and post-flight – to help you prepare. The guides are meant to assist people with autism to better understand the process of travel, including navigating the airport, boarding, flight and arrival.
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About Autism Aviators

Autism Aviators program helps participants get familiar with the airport process and feel more comfortable with air travel, all while allowing aviation and airport professionals to learn more about how best to support people on the spectrum.
Routine and knowing what’s coming is important for many people on the spectrum. That's why Flair Airlines, Canadian North, Edmonton International Airport and Autism Edmonton teamed up to host Autism Aviators.

The first Autism Aviators event took place on June 15, 2019. We had a full plane of 120 participants joining us for a mock travel day. During this event, participants had an opportunity to rehearse getting through the security and boarding process in advance and in the company of their families, which intends to make it easier to enjoy future flights.

Prior to the event, Flair Airlines had all of their employees undergo an online certification course to recognize autism and help travellers accordingly. David Tait, executive chairman of Flair Airlines, said there is a “huge need” to make travelling more inclusive for those with autism.

“The captain had the door open and some children went up and had their photo taken … all of these things come together to actually make them look forward to flying the next time and make it altogether less stressful as a whole,” Tait said. (Quote source)

Here is what one of the event participants said about his experience:

"I had the privilege to attend the Autism Aviator event at EIA this past weekend with my grandson and his parents. I would like to congratulate the event organizers on a well organized and enriching event which will undoubtedly enhance the flying experience for children with special challenges. I can only imagine the fine details which had to be worked out to have more than one hundred persons attend the event. While a special tribute goes to your organization’s personnel, volunteers, Edmonton International airport personnel, and Flair airlines personnel, I know that there are many others behind the scenes who deserve similar accolades. To each and everyone involved in this wonderful event, thank you."