Autism Edmonton enhances the lives of families and individuals living with autism, by providing life-long support and creating awareness, acceptance, and opportunities in our community.

Autism Edmonton Awards – Nominate a Champion Today!

Call for Nominations

Our Champion of Autism Edmonton awards provide a chance to honour champions in Edmonton and the surrounding area who have gone above and beyond their call-of-duty to help individuals on the autism spectrum and their families integrate and participate meaningfully in the community. These champions may be educators, employers, professionals, or other advocates.
Let's recognize the actions of these individuals and organizations who have helped improve our community, as they demonstrate the incredible possibilities that we can achieve together! If you know someone who fits this description, submit the form at the bottom of this page by  Friday, March 16, 2018.

Full Description of the Awards & Criteria


Category A: Workplace Champion(s)

This category is awarded to an individual manager, a team, or an organization that has contributed to the work success of employees with autism; either through innovative work practices, creative accommodation, excellent management and/or other applications.

Category B: Business Champion(s)

This award recognizes a business entity that demonstrates interest, care, and support for individuals with autism; through the provision of innovative need-fulfilling products and services to individuals with autism, provision of significant resources/aids to autism-related projects or causes, and/or other special provisions. (*Note: Specialized Autism Service Providers are not eligible for this award. Please refer to Category D instead.)

Category C: Educational Champion(s)

This award recognizes an individual or a team of teachers, teaching assistants, and school administrators that have gone the extra mile to create a learning environment where children with autism could thrive, learn, and develop at their highest potential.

Category D: Autism Service Champion(s)

This award recognizes an individual or a team of support workers, therapists, organization/program leaders (or other working members of an Autism Service Provider agency, government department, or community entity) that have provided outstanding service to their clients with autism.

Category E: Community Champion(s)

This award recognizes an individual or a team of individuals that have acted as outstanding champions for the cause of autism; either through their effective and significant advocacy efforts, voluntary work with the autism community, creation and/or leadership in events, projects, ventures, or activities that significantly benefited individuals with autism or their families, or leadership in other initiatives that significantly benefited individuals with autism.

Category F: Youth Champion(s)

This award recognizes an individual between the ages of 5 to 17 years that has demonstrated leadership in making a positive difference in the field of autism. The recipient could have done so by initiating and leading an activity, event, project, venture, or advocacy effort to generate resources/aid/support for a fellow student, friend, family member with autism or for the cause of autism as a whole.

Category G: Self-Advocacy Champion(s)

This award recognizes an individual whose demonstrated practice of self-advocacy not only benefits him or herself but also benefits the community at large. Their efforts contribute to raising awareness and fostering acceptance for those who live with autism spectrum disorder in Edmonton.

Category H:  Volunteer Champion(s)

This award recognizes an individual volunteer or group of volunteers who has shown exceptional effort while donating their time, talent and enthusiasm to benefit the autism community. These volunteers have made an outstanding positive impact for people on the autism spectrum due to their work on a special project or event, or for their dedication and long-standing service.

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