Autism Edmonton enhances the lives of people on the autism spectrum, through knowledge, services and inclusive opportunities.

Board of Directors

Call Accepting Nominations for Autism Edmonton's Board of Directors 2021

Autism Edmonton is inviting caring individuals to serve on its Board of Directors who will represent Autism Edmonton and will be advocates for its mission and vision. All nominees are considered. A slate of recommended nominees is then developed and presented at our Annual General Meeting (AGM) that is scheduled to be held on Wednesday, September 29, 2021, where interested members may also come forward and stand for election. Successful candidates will take office following the AGM andwill be asked to serve a two-year term from September 2021 to September 2023.


In line with the roles and responsibilities of the Board, specific attributes have been identified that are sought in prospective candidates. Read more about the experience, background, and skills we're looking for in our Board Selection Criteria 2021.

Please note! All nominees from the community-at-large must become members of Autism Edmonton. In order to register as a member, please apply online at or call 780-453-3971. Membership is free.

Board Selection Criteria 2021

Directors on Autism Edmonton’s Board are elected based upon experience, background and skills the Board deems important. These attributes change as Directors are elected on a two-year rotational basis.

Skills and Expertise

We welcome all nominations from the community and seek candidates who demonstrate the following general skills and expertise:
  1. Understanding the impact of Autism Spectrum Disorder on families and individuals
  2. Broad understanding of board governance
  3. Ability to devote sufficient time (approximately 10-20 hours a month)

Specific Background

This year, we are interested in nominees that may particularly offer the following background or attributes:
  1. Persons with financial background/designation.
  2. Social workers, and health care professionals such as psychologists etc. who work directly with adults and/or children on the spectrum.
  3. Fundraiser / event coordinator.
  4. Teachers and educators working in the school system.
  5. Self-advocates and family members of persons living on the Autism spectrum.


Please submit nominations and provide a resume, letter of intent or equivalent by September 7, 2021, to; interviews will be conducted on between September 8-12. If you have any questions about the process or the information given here, you may also email the Returning Officer at this same listed address.