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DiversiFit: Fitness for Every Body, Health for Everyone

Autism Edmonton and Action Potential Fitness have teamed up on a new project called DiversiFit – a program designed to teach the fundamentals of physical fitness and exercise to autistic children and their caregivers.
DiversiFit will create fitness programming for autistic youth (ages 10-18) that:
  • is inclusive of all abilities and fitness levels
  • instills values of body positivity, empowerment and self-efficacy
  • teaches sustainable behaviour-change patterns
  • promotes fitness for the entire family
DiversiFit is a six-week series of personalized training sessions and learning workshops that are inclusive to all fitness and ability levels. Each session is 1.5 hours long and includes a physical/training component as well as a workshop/learning component. Participants (children and caregivers) get to work directly with trainers to learn the fundamentals needed to safely train on their own.
The first session begins on Saturday, March 4, with two time slots for your family to choose from (2:00-3:30pm or 3:30-5pm). Participants will be required to attend the Open House session on Feb 25 to complete a formal intake.
If you’d like to take part: email with your contact info and names of interested participants. We are able to accept late enrollements or drop ins! Contact to learn more.
DiversiFit is intended to be affordable, accessible, inclusive and evidence-based. All exercise programming will be designed in accordance with CSEP and AFLCA recommendations. This program has also been developed with active participation from autistic self-advocates.
If you’re committed, we’re committed! In exchange for active participation in all six sessions, there will be no cost commitment to your family and training equipment will be provided for all participants. (If you are experiencing any other barriers, please let us know so we can help to address them.)
For more  information, please contact:

Thanks to GoodLife Canada for the generous grant from that made this all possible!