Autism Edmonton enhances the lives of people on the autism spectrum, through knowledge, services and inclusive opportunities.

Volunteer Opportunities

Thank you for considering volunteering with Autism Edmonton! Volunteering with us means you'll be part of a dedicated and passionate team who are enhancing the lives of families and individuals living with autism. We value our volunteers and consider them an integral part of our organization. 
We are always wanting to grow our Autism Edmonton family with great people. We have tons of ways individuals can use their skills to give back. We have openings in administration, on our board, with the programs we provide, and also opportunities at our very fun and exciting events.
What you can Expect from Autism Edmonton
To be part of a team
Ongoing support from Autism Edmonton
Quarterly introduction/refresher nights, task specific orientations and training. After your first introductory night, attending others is a great way to connect with other volunteers and find out about what is going on at Autism Edmonton but attendance is not required
A volunteer position description which outlines the tasks that you will be expected to perform and the agreed upon working hours
An inclusive, welcoming culture
To be recognized and appreciated for your work
The right to say no to projects and tasks that make you uncomfortable

What Autism Edmonton expects from you
Honour your commitment to our program this includes being punctual, reliable, and accountable     
Ask for support when needed and support other team members
Carry out the agreed upon duties as laid out in your volunteer description
Report any injuries or hazards that you notice in the workplace
Provide feedback about your experience as a volunteer
Adhere to the organization's policies and procedures including following the Code of Conduct
Give notice if your availability changes
Benefits of Volunteering
We know your time is valuable and we are grateful you would share some of it with us. Besides the personal rewards that come from volunteering we have a few tangible things we offer our amazing volunteers:
Experience working with individuals on the autism spectrum
Resume experience – this is often highly regarded by employers, university programs as well as grad school programs
For volunteers with longer terms of service, we offer amazing letters of reference
Formal and informal public recognition of time given to the organization
To apply to volunteer please send your cover letter, resume and 2 references - we won't check these until we have had a conversation with you.
- Things to include in your cover letter are your past volunteer experience, your previous experience with autistic individuals, and the highlights of what makes you awesome!! 
You can also get in touch with our Partnership Specialist directly by email at We will follow up with every application within five business days. During our brief conversation, we will ask a few questions and go over next steps.