Autism Edmonton enhances the lives of people on the autism spectrum, through knowledge, services and inclusive opportunities.

What We Do

Autism Edmonton has a wide variety of groups, programs and services, intended to serve individuals of all ages and abilities across the entire autism spectrum. We have added some new programs recently, and we're still continuing to grow!

Here you can find an overview of the current services provided by Autism Edmonton. For more detailed descriptions of the programs listed below, please see Autism Edmonton Programs in the Programs & Resources section of our website.

For information on how to register for any of our programs, please contact us at the office directly.

Support Services

We provide advice, support, and guidance and help people navigate their options for services. We are a society of individuals and families living with autism, and as such, we often serve as the initial point of contact and the source that connects and empowers its members at all stages of life.

Get in touch with our Support Services Team for pre- and post-diagnosis support or professional consultation. We are here to answer your questions and provide information, help you find the right services and confidently navigate diagnostic, health care, education, and government funding systems.

Check out our online guide on autism-related resources – Next Steps – to find links to local educational, medical and other relevant community supports. Next Steps breaks this information down according to the following age groups: preschool (birth to 6 yrs), school aged (6-12 yrs), teenagers (13-17 yrs), and adults (18 yrs+). You can find it online at

New diagnosis? Let us help you navigate available supports through our Family Navigator Program.  This program is delivered in partnership with the Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital and aims to connect families that have just received a diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder with the appropriate level of service in a timely manner and give them emotional support.

Struggling with food insecurity? Join our Pantry Program that is designed to provide access to healthy food and other essential items in an autism-friendly environment for people on the spectrum with limited income and their families.

Looking for information on autism? Visit our Library to check out the collection of autism-related books, movies, and multimedia.

Community Opportunities

We connect members of our community with one another and host social and recreational events.

Occasio is a social-recreational respite program for children and youth (10 yrs+) with autism. It encourages participants to practice social skills and independence while socializing with their peers and being out in the community. This program was developed to deliver more fulfilling and socially appropriate care, all while offering much-needed respite support to families.

The League is a social-recreational group for adults (18+) on the spectrum. It helps participants to expand their social circles by participating in community activities with peers and developing relationships with one another.

Community Connections Program includes recreational events and community outings that are hosted on weekends throughout the year and are open to everyone - individuals on the spectrum, their families members and friends (all ages welcome).

Learning opportunities, discussion and activity groups include educational workshops on transition planning, advocacy, physical fitness and exercise, etc.

Community Gardens Program (offered in the summer) takes participants to a farm where they can harvest fresh produce for themselves while socializing with others and enjoying the countryside.


We value inclusion and work to increase the community's understanding and acceptance of ASD.

We offer Autism 101 presentations to groups that want to develop a basic understanding of autism.

We work with Glenrose Autism Research Center, MacEwan, U of A, U of C, University of Manitoba and other academic institutions to promote applied research and participation.

We collaborate with the Autism Research Center at the Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital to provide scholarships to post-secondary students for research. We engage in many partnerships with local agencies in an effort to best serve the autism community.

We run information tables at different fairs to showcase our work and engage with the public.

To view our submissions and responses to various issues that affect individuals with ASD and their families, please click here.

We work in partnership with many organizations and groups to achieve our mutual objectives and broaden our impact. Such collaboration encourages the exchange of knowledge, expertise, and insights in order to improve the provision of quality services, as well as provides a forum for cooperation and development. Over the past years, our Society has worked with nonprofits, government, community agencies, corporate partners, and universities. Some of our current partnerships include: Autism Alberta, Autism Treatment Network, Children's Autism Collaboration Team (CACT), Inter Faith Group, Kids Brain Health Network, Kids Up Front, Edmonton Food Bank, LINKS (Lifespan Integrated Network of Knowledge and Support), Sinneave Information and Navigation Network, Transitions Committee, St. Albert Children Festival, Sinneave Provincial Housing and Wrap Around Services Committee, CASDA and Autism Canada, Bissell Centre Victim Support for People with Disabilities initiative, etc.


DID YOU KNOW? We host special events to bring the autism community together, raise the public's understanding of autism and get essential funds to our agency. Our biggest special events include: