Wine Survivor Day 7!

It’s going to be a wine-derful day! We are very sorry to see some of you moving to Exile Island… But you still get a chance to win as long as at least one of your teammates makes it through. Plus, we have a separate draw for everyone who’s been eliminated. Without a chateau of doubt, it’s time to brace yourselves…here we go again…check out if you chardon-stayed or chardon-went to exile island in today’s eliminations:


Joy oh Joy! Shout out to Joy from The Cork Screws who won a bottle of wine for being picked first today!


Don’t forget to vote for the best team name! Pour Choices was the first team eliminated and so far are in the lead for best team name! Dare I say… perhaps they have made the right choice? Vote here:


Voting will be open until Friday morning at 10am!