Autism Edmonton enhances the lives of people on the autism spectrum, through knowledge, services and inclusive opportunities.

Autism Edmonton Programs

OCCASIO is a social-recreational respite program for children and youth on the autism spectrum. The junior group is for children ages 7-12; the senior group is for ages 13-18 (past program participants can choose which age group to stay with). Occasio means “opportunity” in Latin, and although opportunity looks different for each participant, the goal of the program is to provide opportunities for growth. Occasio empowers participants to build relationships with their peers in a safe and supportive environment, while also providing families with easy access to respite support.

Community program activities include things such as visits to Edmonton attractions like the Valley Zoo, West Edmonton Mall, and the TELUS World of Science, attending local festivals, sporting events, and concerts. Occasio also offers centre-based programming with calmer environments. These include games nights, art activities, and Lego building, to name a few. For additional details, please see our FAQs or contact us directly at (780) 446-1979 and

Key Program Features:

  • Ages 10 and up  (incl. 18+)
  • Spectrum-inclusive
  • Activities are ad-hoc, non-session style
  • Variety of activities to choose from offered four times a week
  • Opportunities exist to practice independence (transit, responsible for own money, etc.)
  • Helps practice social skills and grow many other valuable life skills
  • Respite hours may be covered by FSCD, CFS or PDD

How to access?

  • Become an Autism Edmonton member
  • Log-in to your membership online account
  • When loggen in, submit the Occasio Intake Form
  • Once your intake form has been processed and your rate has been approved, you will be able to add additional Occasio participants and register for activities online

THE LEAGUE is a social-recreational program for adults on the spectrum. The League helps participants to expand social circles by participating in community activities with peers and developing relationships with one another. Activities may include, but are not limited to, games nights, movie nights, bowling, and dinner outings. Peer facilitators are present. However, individuals must be able to function independently or bring their own supports.

Key Program Features:

  • Ages 18 and up
  • Spectrum-inclusive
  • The League offers a range of free and low-cost activities to suit our members' wide range of interests and hobbies
  • The group meets four times a month

How to access?

• If you would like to join this group, please schedule an intake by contacting us at or 780-453-3971 ext. 255.

COMMUNITY CONNECTIONS is a social-recreational community program for all ages. Community Connections Program includes recreational events and community outings that are hosted on weekends throughout the year and are open to everyone - individuals on the spectrum, their families members and caregivers.

The program is designed to facilitate activities that engage families and serve as a place where they can connect and support one another through the challenges of caring for someone with autism. It also allows time for families to come together in an environment where they do not have to worry about explaining melt-downs or different behaviors of their children. For people on the spectrum, these activities provide important learning opportunities and support their wellbeing.

Key Program Features:

  • All ages welcome
  • Spectrum-inclusive
  • Offered approximately every second month
  • Activities are free or low-cost

How to access?

  • Registration is done per event. Please see our website for the most up to date information on activities.

PANTRY (a satellite Food Bank location) brings fresh and nutritious foods to the tables of people living with autism who are experiencing food insecurity.

The Pantry Program is designed to provide access to healthy food and other essential items in an autism-friendly environment for people on the spectrum with limited income and their families.

The items we distribute are received from the Edmonton Food Bank. Generally, members can access fresh, frozen and packaged food and toiletries at our office.

Key Program Features:

  • All ages welcome
  • Open by appointment only; please call 780-453-3971 ext. 1 to book a visit
  • Pick-ups can be booked for Wednesdays or Thursdays between 9.30 am and 3.30 pm
  • Open to all Autism Edmonton members in need
  • Free

How to access?

• If you require a food hamper, please call 780-453-3971 ext. 1 to book a visit. When you come in, you will need to follow our COVID protocols, including maintain a physical distancing of 2 metres and wear PPE (provided for you inside). Please note, only one visitor is allowed inside at a time, and all visitors must be over 18.

OTHER GROUPS include Adults with Autism Support, Parents of Adults with Autism and Partners of Individuals with Autism group. These group meetings provide quality social, recreation, and development opportunities. Check out our website's event calendar to learn more.