Autism Edmonton enhances the lives of families and individuals living with autism, by providing life-long support and creating awareness, acceptance, and opportunities in our community.

Autism Edmonton Programs

Autism Edmonton offers a variety of programs and services designed to serve our members’ top needs and requests, including a collection of activity and discussion groups. Our goal is to connect members of our community with each other and with other autism resources, to help empower them on their journey.
Our Autism Support Services Team responds to requests for information, support and self-advocacy from families, individuals and professionals affected by ASD. We're able to serve your needs by telephone, through e-mail, or in person. Details on how we can help, or how you can contact us, can be found by clicking here.
Family Support Services:
  • Resource referrals
  • Pre- and Post-diagnosis support
Professional Consultation: Autism Edmonton responds to calls from professionals regarding autism information, resources, treatment options, training, and emerging trends.
Autism Edmonton Library: Members have access to Autism Edmonton's collection of autism-related books, movies, and multimedia, and can rent library items free of charge, to help them explore the world of autism on their own.
Autism Edmonton Pantry: Working in collaboration with the Edmonton Food Bank, Autism Edmonton's Pantry program helps members who are struggling with food security to access what they need in a dignified and sensory-friendly environment. Please contact our Support Services Team to learn more.
OCCASIO Social-Recreational Respite Program: Occasio is a spectrum-inclusive social program for youth and adults ages 10 years and up (including 18+). Occasio provides families with easy access to respite support in the Edmonton area, and gives participants natural opportunities to practice social skills and independence while hanging out with their peers. Click here for full program details.
The #GetToKnow Project: The #GetToKnow Project is a partnership between Adarius 4 Autism and Autism Edmonton – two non-profit organizations dedicated to improving the lives of individuals of living with autism. The purpose of #GetToKnow is to promote awareness and acceptance of Autism Spectrum Disorder to students in Grades 4-12. Click here to learn more about why we started this project, watch the full length video or download your copy of the #GetToKnow guide to faciliate the activities with your students!

Autism Edmonton Groups:

  • Parents of Adults with Autism
    This group is a place where parents of adults with autism (of any age) meet to discuss issues, needs and challenges specific to caring for their adult child. A parent volunteer facilitates the discussion to guide the direction or offer suggestions. Occasionally, guest speakers will be invited to present to the group on specific topics.
  • The League of Extraordinary Individuals (18-24 yrs) 
    "The League" is a social group for young adults with autism, ages 18 to 24, who have a relatively high level of independence and don’t have PDD funding. Most participants are in the process of finishing school, seeking employment/volunteer opportunities, and in need of meaningful social opportunities with their peers. The League works to build strong community through activity-based meetings which are chosen by the group.
  • Adults with Autism (25+ yrs) Social Group
    This social group is open to adults with autism over the age of 25 who are looking for opportunities to meet, connect with each other, and have some fun at various locations inthe cvommunity. Activities are determined by group members. (An official diagnosis is not required to be included.)
  • Adults with Autism (18+ yrs) Discussion Group
    Adults with autism meet monthly to discuss specific topics of interest. Discussions may cover things like self-advocacy, disclosure of diagnosis, or other contemporary issues. Guest speakers, including members of the group, will be invited to share their expertise on certain topics.(An official diagnosis is not required to be included.)
  • Adults with Autism (25+ yrs) Support Group
    This peer-support group meets once per month to talk about various challenges that adults with autism may face.  (An official diagnosis is not required to be included.)
  • Partners of Individuals with Autism 
    This group is a place where partners of individuals with adults (of all ages) can talk about the ways that autism affects their relationship, learn from each other, and strengthen their social support network. Even if you are in a good place in your relationship, please come and be an inspiration for others. (You don’t need to be on the spectrum to attend – just in a relationship with someone who is. An official diagnosis is not required to be included.) *NOTE: This group is for individuals only, and is not a replacement for couples counseling.
  • Community Gardens (all ages) 
    During the summer, Autism Edmonton hosts families and individuals at Lady Flower Gardens (NE of Edmonton) for some weeding and harvesting in the community garden. Families can improve their own food security while enjoying the outdoors with their kids -- and give back to their community at the same time by harvesting extra produce for donation to the Edmonton Food Bank and Autism Edmonton's Pantry.
  • Community Connections (all ages)
    This initiative is organized around a simple idea: we would like to offer more opportunities for leisure and socialization. Community Connections comprises recreational events and community outings that are offered throughout the year and are open to people with or without autism, their family members, friends, or support people. These events are suitable for all ages. Make sure to join our next Community Connections activity to gain new experiences, interact with different people, and have fun! 
  • The Social Action Committee (18-24 yrs)
    The Social Action Committee is a group of enthusiastic young autistic adults who have committed to plan, develop and implement a fundraising project for Autism Edmonton. Members get to learn and practice employable skills while giving back to their own community at the same time. Their final fundraising project will also support the meaningful programs and services delivered by Autism Edmonton.
  • NOTE: Some of our groups require an intake assessment (i.e. Adults with Autism groups, The League and Occasio), while others are a "drop-in" type of meeting.
    For more information on any group or program, please email or call us at 780-453-3971 and press 1 to speak with our Support Services Team.