Wine Survivor Day 9!

Feeling sad about making your way over to Exile Island? It isn’t good to keep things bottled up! Call up a friend to chat about your wine woes, but don’t forget, you could still win a little somethin’ somethin’ in the Exile Island draws!

Can you believe we only have 1 days left until the Ultimate Wine Survivor of 2022 is crowned?! We’d say it was a good day for Kenneth of team Sloth Dragons Volleyball who did have the misfortune of having their name drawn first tonight, but alas, a bottle of wine isn’t too bad of a reward for having your name scratched off the list! Check out where you stand here:

Dont forget, team name voting closes tomorrow at 10am!

Tomorrow is the big day – our final draw – we’ll be doing it live on Facebook. Please follow our page to find out more about the services funded with the help of your support. Please tune in at 3 PM! Do you feel lucky? Until tomorrow – may the grapes be with you.