Wine Survivor Day 1!


We are back and ready to celebrate one lucky team taking home 100 bottles of wine this holiday season!! Hopefully, those who took home a bountiful last year have cleared up space and feel lucky! This could be your year to replenish your empties.
First, thank you again for supporting Autism Edmonton by purchasing Wine Survivor tickets! Together, we have raised $11,095 more than last year; the growth is amazing! This success is only possible because of generous and caring people like you – thank you again for stepping up! We would also like to shout out to this year’s “Champagne Sponsors” Pacific Wine & Spirits & Fresh Focus Media!

Pacific Wine & Spirits & Fresh Focus Media!

Today, we are initiating 10 draws, with the final one scheduled for December 16! This one deserves a splash, so it’ll be done live on Facebook – please follow our page to learn more about the services funded with the help of your support. As Wine Survivor is a game of elimination, you don’t want your name to be pulled, and you’ll be able to track how long you “survive” in the game by checking the list here:

checking the list here:

Besides the grand prize of 100 bottles of wine for the ultimate winning team of 5, we have more prizes along the way. It’s never fun being the first one out, so the first team out gets 10 bottles of wine. As they say, “In victory, you deserve Champagne; in defeat, you need it.”
So, we are excited to start the game, and here is the list of the first 150 numbers pulled (if you got a ticket with immunity(s) – that was smart – if your number is drawn, you won’t get eliminated from the game right away; however, if you used all your immunities and your number is pulled again – you get eliminated).
As long as any of your team members stay on, you can still win the game as a team. Best of luck, everyone! Thanks again for the support!

You are all wine in a million, and here for the right riesling! Supporting Autism Edmonton, that is, and we are so thankful! On the first day, we came out strong! After eliminating 18 people completely, all teams are still intact, but we must say the “Pour Choices” is hanging on by a cork! Here’s to holding out hope and thanking your partners in wine!
A special shout out to Matteo from team “Bottled Up” who won a bottle just for having their name drawn last tonight!

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See you tomorrow!