Wine Survivor Day 2!

Hello Wine Survivors! Time to pop the cork on some more eliminations; today, we saw another 150 numbers drawn, AND the first team was eliminated. Can you believe that?! Only on day two, it seems “Pour Choices” wasn’t able to hold out, but they get a fancy 10 bottles of wine to celebrate anyway! Congrats to everyone who’s still holding on; take great pride in knowing you are keeping your teams afloat! It must be nice being one of the lucky ones.

It’s never fun having your name pulled, but if you’re Dean from team “Grappa Fett,” it’s not so bad when you at least get a bottle of wine out of it! Congrats on being the last name pulled tonight. Lucky for you, you still have immunity keeping you safe!

Here is who has outlasted all the others so far: Where there’s a wine, there’s a way, and with that, we will see you all tomorrow!