Autism Edmonton enhances the lives of families and individuals living with autism, by providing life-long support and creating awareness, acceptance, and opportunities in our community.

2017-2018 Board of Directors

Welcome to our Board of Directors for 2017-2018!

Executive Committee

David Jardine (5th Year, President) – David is a parent of a 29 year old stepson with autism.  He is a partner in the law firm of Shores Jardine LP and practices primarily in the area of administrative law.  He has also been involved as a director with autism organizations at the provincial and national level.
Kevin Payne (3nd year) – Kevin is a self-advocate, diagnosed a few years ago.  During the day, he leads a team of IT professionals for a large organization.  In his spare time, he is a part-time student in Psychology, and is involved in the community as a participating member and facilitator for multiple groups.  Having an understanding of both worlds, Kevin tries to be an advocate, mentor, and listening ear for his peers.
Jennifer Neal (2nd Year - Treasurer) – CPA, CMA - Jennifer is the mother of two boys (12 and 13 years old) one of whom is living with autism. As a designated accountant, Jennifer has spent over 20 years working in finance, and previously served on the CMA Chapter Executive Board. Jennifer currently works for Habitat for Humanity - Edmonton Society, as Controller. She is passionate about helping others, giving back to the community in a meaningful way and being a strong advocate for her son.
Dr. Yun-Csang Ghimn (6th Year - Secretary) - Yun has been a member of Autism Edmonton for seven years and has done extensive work with other non-profit groups, especially in the area of research (ethics) and policy development. Having a visible-minority background, he taught indigenous students and has successfully advocated cultural diversity and human rights.

Members at Large

Dr. Keith Goulden (5th year) – Keith is a Developmental Pediatrician with an interest in supporting children with autism and their families. He has worked at the Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital/University of Alberta for 21 years, and is currently the Lead Autism Specialist for the local Autism Treatment Network site. 
Mohammad Rauf (3rd Year) – Mohammad is a brother to a developmentally disabled 40-year old. Mohammad is an IT Project Manager and leads the design and development of technology solutions with local partners. He believes in social inclusion, intellectual stimulation, and holistic well-being of disabled and autistic members
Justin Reynolds (2nd Year) – Justin Reynolds has a young son on the spectrum.  He feels strongly about creating opportunities and giving back to the community for people with autism, whether that involves donating time and efforts individually, or contributing as an organization through inclusive hiring practices.  Justin is an avid runner and brings business experience to the Board table. 
Luc Heath, CA, CPA (1st year) - Luc is a father of three including a son on the spectrum; he is a senior manager at KBH Chartered Accountants where his passion is providing both assurance and advisory services for family-run enterprises and non-profit organizations.  Luc is enthusiastic to be a part of a cause that strives to create opportunities for families impacted by autism.
Angela Kemble (1st year) - Angela is a mother of two teenage daughters, the oldest having been diagnosed with autism at three and half years of age. Angela resides with her husband in the small northern Alberta town of Athabasca, and is currently the Executive Director for the Northwest Central Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder Network. She looks forward to using her education and experience to assist Autism Edmonton and is eager to learn all she can from those already involved with the organization.
Gabrielle Heselton (1st year) - Gabrielle is a special education teacher with 20 years’ experience working with individuals with developmental disabilities.  She has taught the last 7 years in programs specifically designed for children and students with autism. Gabrielle has an M.Ed. in Special Education from the University of Alberta and is returning to school to pursue a degree in Counselling Psychology, focusing on research in the area of mental health and autism. Gabrielle is passionate about working with the autism community, providing support to individuals and families and advocating for acceptance and understanding.  
Camila Silvestre (1st year) - Camila is a mother to a 4-year old, bubbly energetic boy diagnosed with moderate autism. Camila has worked in the oil and gas industry for 10 years and is currently employed as a Senior Lab Technologist with a Chemical Engineering background. Camila also owns and runs a business development company on the side. She is passionate in creating awareness and inclusion of children and individuals with autism in the community and strongly believes in the potential and uniqueness behind the brilliant minds of individuals with autism. Camila would like to give back to the community by being a strong advocate for her son and the parents/caregivers for individuals with autism through education and empowerment.